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Mushroom Employment Services is your source for foreign recruitment, immigration into Canada, and a place to find work if you are a foreign worker looking for employment.  We’ve helped thousands of people already. 

With wide system capacities joined with our expert and experience advises; Our Canada enrollment organizations are exceptionally dedicated giving the ideal nature of administration standard to the two up-and-comers and customers. Utilizing an extensive exploration and reason engages us to give our customers custom profiles for each applicant, sparing time for the two up-and-comers and customers. The technique for a broad comprehension of customers’ needs and competitors’ abilities and interests will guarantee us in selecting the absolute best ability.


Direct Hire Placements

Full or Part-time openings. We present you to our customer firms or partnerships and mastermind interviews and any subsequent inquiries or subtleties that should be taken care of. Let us remove the migraines from work chasing. We will be your backer and work with you to make sure about the ideal position.

Temporary Placements

You are unique, so is your career. Devoted transitory occupations site for explicit range of abilities, master counsel, and energizing profession ways. If you are looking for a part time job, we are here to provide you your dream job.

Permanent Placements

Are you looking for a regular, full-time employee, but don’t have the time or resources to wade through countless applications and resumes to find the right person? Our group of scouts will distinguish and seek after top-quality applicants—utilizing a few channels and techniques. We represent considerable authority in finding uninvolved applicants and enrolling headliners.

Why Us?

  • Temp to Perm changes permit you to assess a likely representatives’ aptitudes and capabilities beforemaking the drawn out promise to recruit.
  • The size of setting up can change with various ventures; brief staffing is a reasonable arrangement.
  • Proficient, Qualified individuals, when you need them, for any working circumstance.
  • Over-time and scheduling conflicts are all but eliminated by having a team of professionals standing by, ready to work for you.
  • Whether you are a company searching for just the right personnel, or you are looking for the perfect job or career, at Mushroom Employment Services, we create relationships that are built for success.


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